by Josh Taylor 17/10/2012

Not in the romantic sense of the word ‘proposal’ (that would be slightly odd) but in the planning sense.
As the underlying theme of my projects is to bring businesses and people together instead of using money, I thought why not make a little proposal to the main man, Sir Richard Branson.

Transport to the ocean trench was always something I had trouble solving but then it struck me that Virgin have a huge array of transport options globally and are a company I’d love to team up with! Might as well give it a try….

So the questions are:

Which ocean trench would Sir Richard like me to explore?

- Tonga Trench
– Puerto Rico Trench
– Mariana Trench

And can he provide the transport for me and a few others to the trench itself?

Looking forward to his reply!

  • Mike Everitt

    Great video, I love the hand falling off, did you actually plan that?

  • Kengo

    That is brilliant Josh. Visionary and hilarious!

    • JoshingTalk

      Thanks Kengo! Glad you enjoyed it. :)

  • ReAgentChemicals

    Hi Josh,

    Excellent idea/video!

    Fingers crossed this works out for you, if ReAgent can help you with the project please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

    Best of luck,

    Richard and the rest of the ReAgent team

    • JoshingTalk

      Thanks guys! Will let you know. Thanks for all the great work on the JTSA project. :)

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