Sir Richard Branson Challenge- Accepted

Casually eating lunch today and trying to plan out the new website layout when suddenly, a tweet from none other than Sir Richard Branson came flying into my inbox (followed by several more).
After my campaign (here), I wondered if we’d ever hear from the man himself.

It has happened! 😀 Sir Richard Branson has offered up the challenge of seeing just how far I can get a camera down into the dark depths of our Ocean.

A huge challenge for sure and one that will be lots of fun! Slight dilemma however as to whether I postpone this JoshingTalk Space Art balloon or not….I think I might have to!

Thanks to everyone who helped me out with the campaign. With Sir Richard now on board, I want to have as many people as possibly helping me to achieve this challenge. Low costs, low tech- can we produce some good results? What do you think?

In the meantime, my lunch has gone cold after trying to recover from the (happy) shock of the news….

JoshingTalk Submersible – the project has begun.