by Josh Taylor 23/04/2012

Casually eating lunch today and trying to plan out the new website layout when suddenly, a tweet from none other than Sir Richard Branson came flying into my inbox (followed by several more).
After my campaign (here), I wondered if we’d ever hear from the man himself.

It has happened! :D Sir Richard Branson has offered up the challenge of seeing just how far I can get a camera down into the dark depths of our […]

by Josh Taylor 22/04/2012

Beautifully packaged in all its glory.

Challenge Me, Sir Richard Branson- click here!

Following on from last week, I bring you the all seeing eye that should capture the creation of art at around 100,000 feet.
Another email, another sponsor and what a team this is! Chumming up with 1080 Sport of, they got on board and helped me out by providing me with the latest GoPro HD Hero 2.
GoPro have the reputation of […]

by Josh Taylor 14/04/2012

Challenge Me, Sir Richard Branson- click here!
Things are moving again with JTSA and after a fury of emails were written and sent out, I’ve got myself a few more weeks of interesting blog posts lined up!

There’s no better way to start the posts than confirming the musical genius behind the final Youtube video that I make. Bob Holroyd of has stepped up to the task of composing the musical score and I […]

by Josh Taylor 06/04/2012

Challenge Me, Sir Richard Branson- click here!
Another week and another post to write up! I’m still waiting for our chemist to come back to me regarding the solutions and ideas on the project practicality. As soon as I hear back from him, we can get cracking again defining measurements, buying stock and building JTSA.
I thought in the meantime I’d write a slightly different post than usual and cover the topic of me.
I realised that apart from the small bio to […]

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