by Josh Taylor 31/03/2012

Challenge Me, Sir Richard Branson- click here!

Ironically, this week has been quite the opposite to the yearly custom of moving the clocks forward an hour to ‘gain’ time. I’ve been so busy over the last few weeks, that it’s become a habit to expect an email to drop in to my inbox at least once a day. An email of the exciting kind where you see it come in and then do something you dislike (such as making tomorrows […]

by Josh Taylor 24/03/2012

Challenge Me, Sir Richard Branson- click here!
In my continued effort to get friendly businesses involved in my project, I approached some companies regarding the use of helium for inflating the weather balloon and whether they could supply it for the project.
In return, they get promotion on my final Youtube video, media attention (hopefully!), a blog post, their brand name heading to near Space along with the highly sought after, JoshingTalk approval.

It was the very enthusiastic […]

by Josh Taylor 18/03/2012

Challenge Me, Sir Richard Branson- click here!

Originally this was to be a mid-week post for when I was having a slow day….
….due to it’s sheer awesomeness, I have promoted it to a main news blog post.

Introducing the Spyder 3 Krypton laser pointer from Wicked Lasers.
Discussions with the Wicked Lasers company, based in Shanghai, led to more project ideas ticking away and with that, they sent me this laser to play […]

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by Josh Taylor 14/03/2012

Challenge Me, Sir Richard Branson

I felt a mid-week update on my last blog post, JTSA: Testing Solutions, was needed as there have been some very interesting results!
Since Saturday the canvases have been drying in the bathroom and when I inspected them, this is what I saw:

Left: Polystyrene- faded colours.
Middle: Canvas- soaked up solution.
Right: Pastel board- good colours and divergence.

It’s totally flipped my original expectations of the results but that’s the point […]